PowerPoint shapes to be used in Visio

Hello Aspose team and/or Forum,

I want to be able to use shapes of a PPT in Visio, by Copying certain (one or more) shapes from a certain PPT-slide and Pasting them into a Visio-chart.

Doing so, then:

  • the pasted shape in Visio will be an image or
  • the pasted shape in Visio will be some grouped windows-metafile object.

Both options are not usable for me, cause I simply would like to have an as much as possible equal shape in Visio as was used in the PPT, so in Visio with same dimensions, colors, fonts/text etc. and which is editable/changeable in Visio.
So an image is not usable in Visio for me, and ungrouping a pasted shape from PPT will end up in Visio as many (sub) shapes (border of pasted shape will be separated from body, text line in shape will be broken up in multiple individual lines of text etc.).

Does anyone know of a solution?

Maybe by an import of the XML of a PPTx into Visio, via some PPT2Visio import-script to be build, could do the job or not ?

Looking forward ton any suggestion,


Did you use our back-end API to generate the Slide or free web app?

Hello Atir, no I did not use your back-end API or free web app (yet)…
Is it advised I try to use that?

Currently I just use PPT and Visio on my business desktop/PC.


This scenario is under investigation. We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): SLIDESAPP-1530

Many Thanks Atir,
Hope finding some solution, even a few tips or only half a solution is welcome.
Main issue I see is that MS develops and maintains PPT in their MS Office team, a totally different dev-team than the Visio-team.
So these 2 MS products are very different from the “core”, and a simple copy/paste of shapes etc. is not interchangeable/supported…

Any way, hope Aspose-team can think of something.



We’ll surely notify you as we have any update on this ticket.