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Word --> PDF page break and hyphenation


Hi, for a customer within the public theatre we are using Aspose within ActaNova (AN) SW. The customer is producing Word documents - and via AN we are creating PDF. Since these Word documents are produced within public hearings the idea is that the PDF should be 1:1 compared to Word. What we are seeing is the following behavior:
“Zusammensetzung der neuen Kom-
mission …”
PDF Aspose Konversion:
“Zusammensetzung der neuen
Kommission …”
How can we make sure that the Word text is converted 1:1 towards PDF?

P.S. Opening MS Word and saving as PDF within MS Word using MS Word mechanism works fine

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Harald,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you, please, provide more details? What Aspose.Words service do you use: on premise API, cloud API or cross platform apps?


Hi, I have tested it with cross platfrom apps:


If it helps, I can provide the Word File


Please, attach the document so that we may further investigate to help you.


I am not authorized to attach Word Files


according to your upload policy


Could you, please, zip file and attach it? Sorry for inconvenience.


I trust taht you handle it with care :wink:[456853731] PA Gründung Kulturförderkommission; Grundlagen und personelle (86.5 KB)


This issue is reproduced and logged with id AAPPS-64 in our issue tracking system for further investigation by the product team. We will keep you updated on its status.