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What is a standard format for csv files to convert to gpx?

I am unable to convert .csv files to .gpx no matter what I do. Is there a standard format required for the .csv file in order to convert, and if so, what is it??

Example: this doesn’t convert

-123.12345,34.98765,“Amy’s House”
-123.12332,34.98622,“Gary’s Garage”


Could you please share a problematic CSV and we’ll look into this issue? We cannot reproduce this issue using sample CSV file - files.zip (478 Bytes).

This may help others with similar issues. I have traced my problem to using the Apple built-in app, TextEdit, to edit and save .csv and.gpx files. I finally installed BBEdit and when I looked at these files, TextEdit inserts all kinds of formatting stuff into their files that blows up the converters and display apps out there. When I cleaned all of that out with BBEdit, they convert and display just fine.

Take home message: Do not use TextEdit to edit .csv and .gpx files! Use an editor like BBEdit that is a basic text editor for programming and does not insert any formatting code into the file.


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