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Suggestions/Guidance for WYSIWYG format issues

This might be a long shot but thought I might ask here. Is there any suggested/optimal WYSIWYG editor aspose suggests so that we can use html generated to insert into word document?

We are using Aspose.Word to generate word documents. There are some rich text that needs to be inserted in the document. For this we use CKEditor WYSIWYG editor and we insert the html generated from there to word document using DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml method as documente here.

This works alright until it does not. When end user copies text from word document and pastes into CK editor the formatting are not always what it should be on generated word document even though CKeditor shows the text formatted correctly. There are weird issues like line break in unintended location or missing etc. Also line-height from html generated by CKEditor are ignored on insertion in word document (Again CK Editor shows them correctly and Even if I save the html as .html file and view in browser it looks fine).

Now, I know this is not issue with Aspose perse. The html interpretation are slightly different in ckeditor vs aspose/word document which causes these issues. I am looking for guidance on what is the right way to handle these issues? Are there any WYSIWYG editor that aspose suggests which may be generates html that is compliant with how aspose/word document interprets? Are there any best practices to avoid formatting issues when copying from word document and pasting in WYSIWYG editor?

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