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Saving visio diagram changes on server side

How to send visio changes (like adding new shapes) to server for save purpose on the server side?

your demo does not seem to have any save functionality: https://products.aspose.app/diagram/en/editor
I have downloaded the github demo, and it does not have save functionality at all.

I kinda leveraged the export code from the github demo code. In export, VsdxService is used to add pages, and then zip. But this saves the changes into file with a zip version. That when the problem starts, when I try to open the saved file within a visio app, it does not open.

Thank you


In online demo, what do you mean by save functionality. You can open a Drawing/file, edit it (add or remove shapes) and download the resultant drawing.

Please share source and output files. Also share the sample code.

I have figured out all my issues. Thank you.

Quick question tho, I checked the documentation and did not see what I was looking for. I just wanna confirm. Does Aspose Diagram have ability for synchronous editing? Like multiple users can edit the same file at the same time, similar to google docs/excel?

Thank you


As far as web application is concerned, I am afraid not.

got it, thank you very much


You are welcome.