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Query about Trumbowyg

Thanks for your response.

Regarding Trumbowyg:

we downloaded the code and compile in our machine. the code was not build properly as we are used the .Net framework 4.6. I think downloaded code was build on top of .Net framework 4.7 and above.

Could you please provide any sample code which has build on top of .Net framework 4.6 and older version.

If so please provide the link for download the source code.


Your query is related to online document editor. So, we have moved it to Aspose.Words App forum where you will be guided appropriately.

If you face any issue related to document conversion, please post your query in Aspose.Words forum. Please post your queries related to Aspose editor in Aspose.Words App forum.


We only have this code/demo at the moment. Please upgrade .NET version to 4.7 and let us know in case there’s any issue.
Meanwhile, we are investigating this request with ID WORDSAPP-84. You’ll be notified in case of any update.

@surfstephen We have competed the analysis the the issue and decided to close the issue as Won’t Fix. It is easy to modify the project to make it work with .NET 4.6.
For .NET 4.6.2 or lower, .NET Core 1.x, and .NET Standard 1.x you need to install the NuGet package System.ValueTuple:

Install-Package "System.ValueTuple"