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Problem when converting from slides with images to PNG


I got some unesthetic results when I try to convert a slide containing images into a PNG file.

I created a PNG file, containing come color lines. Each line’s width is 1px.
image with red line on top.png (128 Bytes)
I put it in a pptx slide.
Here is a screenshot of the original slide.
slide source.png (15.2 KB)
I converted to PNG using the online demo tool. Here is what I got.
after convert.png (1.6 KB)

It seems like the top red line of the original PNG was cut out of the final image.

Can you do something about it ? Thanks.



Can you please share the problematic file with us? We’ll then look into this scenario.

@atirtahir3 thanks for your answer. Here is the PPTX file I want to convert into PNG :
test lines.zip (24.6 KB)


We’re not able to open the attached PPTX file. Please have a look at this screenshot.JPG (14.6 KB). It seems that the file is corrupt or damanged. Can you please share a valid PPTX file and we’ll look into this scenario.

I’ve recreated the test on Google Docs
Here is the original document

From Google I download as pptx Google docs download as PPTX.zip (25.0 KB)
I checked it with success in Powerpoint 2010.
From Google I can also download as PNG. I get this :
Google docs download as PNG.png
If I send the pptx, I get

Aspose Convert PPTX to PNG.png

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We appreciate your cooperation.

Yes, the top red line doesn’t look like the actual file. We are investigating this issue. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

Hi, I just made some other tests. The problem is not in PNG as I supposed, but in SVG.

Here is the pptx and the file after conversion to svg :
Test Aspose Convert.zip (26.1 KB)

In the resulting svg I find the following code :

The pattern places the image at x=17. But the path crops it starting at x=17.83 . This is why the first column of pixels is cropped. If I change the pattern to x=“17.83” the crop is done right.

Hope it helps.

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Yes, following the above sets the pixel.