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Problem and bugs after converting xls to pdf

We took into consideration your library (Aspose.Cells) for converting from xls and xlsx to pdf files. We decided to try your library on some examples. After testing we found some problems and bugs. We tried to convert files using PdfSaveOptions, but bugs didn’t disappear.

There are the following bugs:

  1. Changed backgroud colour of header table. (Summary sheet or second page of test_file_Aspose.pdf, see pic bug_1)
  2. Different diagrams. (Chart sheet or third page of test_file_Aspose.pdf, see bug_2)
  3. Different height pdf pages (See pic bug_3, TEST_PDF_Aspose.pdf).
  4. Cell text is not displayed fully (See pic bug_4, Agg_Call_and_Dist_Aspose.pdf)

Attached please find pdf files created from library (Aspose.Cells), pdf files created from excel, excel files, java code (files.zip) and pictures with bugs .
How fix this bugs? When will this bugs in library fix?

bug_1.png (186.9 KB)
bug_2.png (97.3 KB)
bug_3.png (570.9 KB)
bug_4.png (61.8 KB)
files.zip (522.2 KB)

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