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PowerPoint to HTML with links

Hi, I’m using Aspose.Slides to generate powerpoint files (weekly report) in an application.
a new requirment as been raised from my client to view the reports in his web-site.
I have seen that I can save Aspose.Slides.Presentation as HTML, but the issue here is that the PPT links are not transferred to html - they slides are shown as static images.
Am I missing something?

Thank you for the issue description. Could you share the presentation file and simple code example reproducing the error, please? Also, specify the version of Aspose.Slides you used.

I have rather old version of Aspose.Slides (), in that version I’m just gettting an exception “This export format is not implemented for PPT yet”, but I’ve tried to run the powerpoint in

and I’m getting images without links.

Hi , just to be clear - My need is to use the C# Aspose.Slides and run :

Aspose.Slides.Presentation pRE = new Aspose.Slides.Presentation(@“D:\tsm\currentTest.ppt”);
pRE.Save(@“d:\tsm\p.html”, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Html);

// the file in this example is created by Aspose.Slides version 6.2
to get HTML file with the presentation I’ve created including all the links, the attempt on the website was just to check how it will look like - I’ve assume they both use the same engine.


Please share the problematic file and we’ll test that with the web app. As far as back-end API (C#) issues are concerned, we’d encourage you to raise them on this forum.