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Online PDF Editor - Formatting Issues

We are considering customizing/using the demo “PDF Editor Online” code in our application to allow users to view/edit/save PDF files through our ASP.net web product. Looking at the demo source code we downloaded and also your online demo there appears to be some serious formatting issues when displaying certain PDF files that contain editible fields.

We are already an Aspose customer and would really like to be able to take your PDF Editor Demo source code and customize it to use in our ASP dot net web front-end in order to display a PDF file (created by our use of your Aspose.PDF APIs) in a web form and allow the user to manually edit it and then save it. If we could get around the formatting issues we would like to be able to use your your PDF Editor Demo.

My question is - is there anything you/we can do to resolve these formatting issues? Again, not all PDF files we’ve tested have the formatting issues, but many do.

Your Online PDF Editor URL:

Screen shot of formatting issues that we experience when viewing in your Online PDF Editor (we’ve tried Chrome & Edge - same issues):
AsposePdfEditorFormattingIssues.jpg (268.3 KB)

Source PDF file that is causing the formatting issue. Is it due to the editble PDF fields?
wc2.pdf (293.4 KB)


This issue is reproduced at our end. Hence, we’ve logged it in our internal issue tracking system for further investigation with ID PDFAPP-641. As there’s any update, you’ll be notified.

Is there any update on PDFAPP-641?



This ticket is still under investigation.

Is there any update on PDFAPP-641 ? I’m just wondering if there would be some kind of time frame estimate on when some feedback could be given. Are we talking weeks, months, years?


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We’re still investigating this issue. However, you’ll get an ETA soon.

Any updates or an ETA?



We are constantly working to improve web application for PDF processing. We’ll notify you in case of any further update.