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Online PDF Editor drag&drop merge field and import sql database

We currently use Aspose.Words for .NET

The main use is to design complex tamplets in DOC/DOCX files with merge fileds
Upload to our site and Fill tables using data from the database

The process is long and not easy at all

Is it possible to convert the DOCX file to PDF online and open it on online PDF editor
then and enter the merge field in the browser?

I am asking about PDF editor because I think word editor does not support it

And also convert the merge field to data from the database and display directly in the browser?

Thanks for the help!


You can convert a Word document to PDF online using this free Aspose web app.

Using this PDF editor you can do modifications in the PDF.

Could you please share more details on this scenario?

Thanks for the quick response

What modifications can I make in the PDF editor?
At the level of changing text and design online like in docx documents?

I have attached a sample DOCX file
I use the merge field to insert data from the sql database

I would like to enter (by drag and drop if possible) the merge field directly from my web on the browser to the online PDF editor
And even making the data conversion operation online

sample.docx (26.7 KB)

I hope I was able to explain
Thank you!


It depends upon how Aspose.Words converts merge fields while creating PDF (e.g. if merge fields are converted into form fields, then you can use Aspose.PDF to fill forms).
If merge fields are converted into plain text in PDF, then you can perform find/replace operation. Furthermore, please note that we don’t provide any online editor. Online Apps are just demonstration of how APIs can be used in the code behind to achieve the functionalities (also online apps do not demonstrate all of the APIs features).
Have a look at this documentation article for Aspose.PDF editor functionality. You can post your issues (or to get more details on back-end APIs) regarding Aspose back-end APIs here.

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