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Online demo of visio viewer is not working


I’m trying to evaluate your web viewer for visio files at


However, I keep getting an “Error: One or more errors occurred.” when uploading/drag 'n dropping a visio drawing to the component.

Further, can this component be used in our own web application?


We will check the issue at aspose.app demo. @naeem.akram please check.

Could you please try your file at https://products.groupdocs.app/viewer/total?

For integrating viewer, I would recommend GroupDocs.Viewer product, which is also owned and made by Aspose. Please check https://github.com/groupdocs-viewer/GroupDocs.Viewer-for-.NET/tree/master/Demos for .NET web app sample code.


Thanks. The groupdocs link seems to be working fine. Another question: Do you know how links in visio diagrams are rendered? We would like to link multiple visio documents so the end user can navigate between these. Would that work with your plugin?? It’s important that the navigation happens within the same control/windows so the end result is not being multiple tabs in the browser or similar.


The app is based on GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API, https://products.groupdocs.com/viewer/net.

It can render the document as image, PDF and HTML. With HTML render option, I think it will show links. But you can confirm this by posting the sample document in this forum https://forum.groupdocs.com/c/viewer. The support team will help you.


Thanks again. Will look into this. We do have license for the Aspose.Total product. Will that also include this groupdocs product? or do we need another license?


Aspose.Total license will only work with Aspose products. You can easily use Aspose.Diagram for .NET.

We are checking the problem with https://products.aspose.app/diagram/viewer, it is based on Aspose.Diagram.


Thank you for your details… We have fixed the issue. Please keep using https://products.aspose.app/diagram/viewer

Sorry for the inconvenience.