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One time Conversion of Msoft OneNote files to HTML, file size >50mb

Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place…

I have a one time request to be able to convert .ONE files to html. I have 10 notebooks ranging from 52mb up to 295mb in size. Can anyone offer a solution.

I tried the aspose online converter but maximum file size seems to be <50mb.

I am hoping for a solution as I no longer have access to microsoft OneNote after recently moving to linux.

I am NOT a developer, this will be a one time conversion.

Thanks for any help :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, the free OneNote conversion app currently doesn’t support any input file larger than 27Mb (we plan to allow large files in the future though).

Hi, thanks for the update.
Do you perhaps offer a paid ONETIME conversion of Onenote books larger than 27mb?

As I mentioned, I have 12 notebooks that I can no longer access or read due to moving to a Linux OS. I have no other way of accessing my dozen OneNote books so any suggested help would be appreciated. Thanks again.


Unfortunately, we do not offer any paid version of our apps yet so there is no way to convert such big OneNote files in our app right now.

So the only way I see that can help you to convert OneNote files to something cross-platform is to find/install Windows with MS OneNote and convert your notebooks to PDF there.

I know you moved to Linux and don’t have access to Microsoft OneNote. The online app will be fixed soon, we will update you.

Do you still have access to any Windows 8,10 desktop? If yes, then you can also use GroupDocs apps for Windows for ONE to HTML conversion. It can be downloaded from https://downloads.groupdocs.app/total/windows

Open Conversion app, select Excel, type *, so that you can find and convert ONE files, see screenshot. It can do ONE to HTML in the latest release. Formal support will be added in the next version.
2021-04-12 14_29_39-Window.png (28.7 KB)

Hi Saqib, thanks for the info!

Unfortunately at this time I no longer have access to Windows. I therefore eagerly await your update for the online app :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again for your help.