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HTML with meta information like "From" and "Subject"

I have used https://apireference.aspose.cloud/email/#/Email/EmailConvert API for converting an EML to HTML. The HTML file doesn’t show meta information like “From” and “Subject”. Is that possible with aspose?


Could you please share a problematic EML file and we’ll test that at our end?

samples.zip (43.7 KB)

Thanks for your response.

In the zip you find an EML example. I am searching for software that convers EML into HTML including meta information on top like “Subject” as shown in converted.html example. I wonder if this is possible with Aspose.


Please have a look at this output.zip (5.3 KB). It shows Subject/From on top. Is this what you are expecting?

Yes! This is what I expected!!

I am very curious how you achieved to get this output. Did you use another API with additional parameters?


Please try this web app, developed using Aspose.Email for .NET API.
Could you please tell us more about your development environment?

In our environment we use Unified Post software (data integration tool) to produce EML in which we can do (1) HTTP request calls to an API (and read the HTML response) or (2) execute command line.

The web app gives the expected result, but this must be integrated in our automated process.


Please have a look at our on-premises Aspose.Email API and Cloud API.
You can get further details or assistance on these APIs here: