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HTML to PDF table overflows

Hi! I have an issue with the conversion of HTML documents to PDFs. I try to convert documents created with TinyMCE where you can create a table with a sum of <td>'s width over 100%. That is rendered correctly in browsers - it gets scaled down to 100% with proportions but with Aspose conversion, all widths are applied literally causing an overflow.
How it looks like in browsers (Firefox, Chrome):
obraz.png (687 Bytes)
How it looks like after Aspose conversion:
obraz.png (1.2 KB)

Is there anything I can do to make Aspose behave the way browsers behave? I know that with table-layout: auto that would work but I have to use table-layout: fixed because with auto I have an issue with word breaking - a table cell would grow in width (ignoring the width setting) if there’s a non-breakable word, even with word-break: break-word (that also works fine with browsers). Only setting word-break: break-all makes Aspose respect the width but that is not acceptable as it breaks words when there’s no need for that. Maybe there’s another workaround I can use to make Aspose respect width and break words correctly?

I’ve attached the HTML file that shows this issue tables.zip (388 Bytes)


Are you using our backend API or the free web app?

I’m using backend API. The example is from web app but exactly the same issue is with API


We are investigating this issue for the free web app. Your investigation ticket ID is PDFAPPS-2568.
As far as backend API is concerned, we have created a thread on your behalf in Aspose forum. Your backend API related issue will be assisted there.

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