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Flowchart Diagram

I worked with Flowchart service. I created some flowchart diagrams and saved them. I could edit them.
But they’ve disappeared today and I cannot find them.
How can I restore them? Where can I find them?

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https://products.aspose.app/diagram/flowchart is empty. I created flowcharts and edited them there. But now this form is empty. I didn’t delete anythingScreenshot_11.jpg (216.7 KB)

Can I restore my flowchart diagrams?
Why did they disappear?Screenshot_12.jpg (261.2 KB)


Please note that your files are automatically irreversibly deleted from our servers within 24 hours. Take a look at the privacy policy.

Thank you!

I logged into the account before working with Flowchart. I created the flowchart diagrams about 20 days ago and I edited them a few time and they weren’t deleted after 24 hours. I could work with them

I cannot restore my flowchart diagrams that I had in my account, right?


We are investigating your scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is DIAGRAMAPP-1600.

Sorry, because we have upgraded the cache method of the FlowChart App and the data is lost, you can try to use the Timeline App to open the local cache and export your data.
Timeline App directly click Create timeline to enter the editing page, and its cache is currently using the same data as the old version of Flowchart cache.