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Error report from Aspose.Page Conversion application 04/21/2021 02:27

Error while converting PS to PDF.

Error message: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'key')
at Aspose.Page.Shared.Controllers.NewApiControllerBase.SaveDocument(DocumentInfo doc, String filename, SaveFormatType saveOptions, String& outFolder) in C:\src\apps\Aspose.Page.RazorShared\Controllers\NewApiControllerBase.cs:line 721 at Aspose.Page.Shared.Controllers.NewApiControllerBase.SaveDocument(DocumentInfo doc, String& outPath, SaveFormatType saveOptions) in C:\src\apps\Aspose.Page.RazorShared\Controllers\NewApiControllerBase.cs:line 676 at Aspose.App.Controllers.AsposePageConversionController.ProcessDocuments(Options opts, DocumentInfo[] docs, SaveFormatType saveOpt) in C:\src\apps\Aspose.Page.Conversion\Controllers\AsposePageConversionController.cs:line 116 (171 KB)


Could you please share the problematic file again. The provided ZIP is damaged, we cannot extract it.


I’m developer of Aspose.Page webapps. This topic is test topic. I fixed corruption of zip archive and today I’m going to merge the changes to production.

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