Encountered a problem in accessing the service

Hello, those involved.

On April 22, 2023, I subscribed to the monthly premium service and made payment. But now I can’t use your service. in premium member status My usage time starts from 22/04/2023 - 22/05/2023. My membership number is #231221045939 I would like the relevant person to help me check this out.

thank you

@Daiant thank you for contacting us on this forum.

I passed on the information to the team responsible for payments and subscriptions. As long as we are waiting for a response from the person responsible for this. Could you please share which application you tried to use so that we can check, just in case, if there are any errors regarding the paid subscription inside the application itself?
Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you very much for your waiting.

Our sales Team checked your actions with the Product on Subscription No. 231221045939.
You switched your plan to free. And according to their data:
The Product on Subscription #231221045939 has been upgraded or downgraded to Free from the Premium version of Aspose.Total App, by user.

I hope this helps you.