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Editor evaluation with temporary license (Node via Java)

Hi Team,

Please refer this query in forum.aspose.com. (https://forum.aspose.com/t/how-to-visualize-the-diagram-creation-with-node-via-java/238434)

We are using react with node for our current application. We want to integrate the aspose diagram editor (Node via java) in our web application. So, first thing whether will it work? If so, we need complete guidance from any of your technical person for how to achieve this. Since this evaluation is bit urgent and also once the evaluation done immediately we are planning buy the product.

Will the product provide User Interface to draw diagram from the scratch in web app? because we need to create, edit & save the diagram from the frontend. For that any examples in apsose / github to clone and check the visualization in local.

Better if we get any technical person’s contact detail like Mail id to have a direct communication.


Please note that Aspose.Diagram is a back-end, UI-agnostic API. The demo/web app is developed using .NET variant of the API.

Please go through this (Aspose.Diagram for Node.js viaJava) documentation.

Like we said, this API is UI-agnostic. You have to develop the front-end on your own as per your business requirements.
Again, in order to get an idea about the UI implementation, please explore our open-source .NET application.