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Converting large shapefile to GeoJSON

Hi team,

I am trying to convert a shapefile to GeoJSON using the GIS to GPX, GeoJSON, ESRI Shapefile Converter. The file is about 1.5GB in size and understandably the program struggles to either upload the file or fails to convert it. I can get around the uploading failure by uploading the files to my G drive and then using the G drive upload feature in the converter which lets me upload the files to the converter. When trying to convert the files, however, it always fails. I have used the converter for other smaller shapefiles and it always works fine.

Is there any possibility that I could convert this file using this converter? I have tried many other converters, both online and offline but the GeoJSON files they produce are not compatible with the program (Looker) that I am trying to use them with. This is the only converter which allows the GeoJSON converted files to be used with Looker. There is another step after this which requires mapshaper to be used to convert the GeoJSON file to TopoJSON before it is uploaded to Looker. The only method that works to convert the files to TopoJSON is by first converting the shapefile to GeoJSON using this converter and then converting that to TopoJSON using mapshaper. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.

Thank you



Our online application has a file uploading limitation. Did you try Aspose.Gis back-end API for this purpose? You can raise your back-end API related queries or in case of any information, please post on this free support forum.

thank you for that Atir. I will try the API now.


You’re welcome.