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Converting dxf files to fbx files

Dear All,

I wrote it as an example. However, the dxf file is not converted correctly to the fbx file.
The surface is closed, the hollow part is not hollow, etc.
How can it be converted correctly?

input file : sottko.dxf
outpu file : output.fbx

source code
var document = new Aspose.ThreeD.Scene(@“C:\Temp\sottko.dxf”);
var options = new Aspose.ThreeD.Formats.FbxSaveOptions(Aspose.ThreeD.FileContentType.ASCII);
sottko.PNG (50.3 KB)
output.PNG (35.6 KB)
Temp.zip (70.4 KB)
document.Save(@“C:\Temp\output.fbx”, options);

Kind regards,
Katsumi Miayahara

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