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Convert to 3DS - UV Issue

I have attempted to convert several files from .fbx to .3ds using the free online converter. The model itself transfers over well but the texture appears to be distorted in the final model. There might be an error in translating the UV unwrap information from one format to the other.

The first files I tried seemed mostly correct but the seams may have had too much padding. The most recent file attempts seemed to be distorted in a more unusual way, causing a waviness in the final result little relation to the original layout.

I tried again using an .obj file and got the same final result so it seems to be the conversion to .3ds because it doesn’t depending on the input file type.


Could you please share the source and the output file(s)? We’ll further investigate this issue at our end.

I apologize. After one more test, I realize that the issue is with the destination program, not this converter. I brought the converted .3DS into a different 3D software and the UVs were correct. There appears to be no issue.

Feel free to delete this entire thread, since the information is not accurate.

Thank you for your prompt response. I will forward my issue to the appropriate organization. Also, thank you all for your excellent software/services.

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