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Conversion issue - invalid file, please ensure that uploading correct 2021-01-13t09:38:20.599z


Originated From: https://products.aspose.app/gis/conversion/json-to-geojson

Exception: Invalid file, please ensure that uploading correct file

{“IsSuccess”:false,“IdError”:“InvalidFile”,“Message”:“Invalid JSON data: Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is not an object: StartArray. Path ‘’, line 1, position 1.”}

files.zip (872 Bytes)

This issue is under investigation with ticket ID GISAPP-23. We’ll notify you in case of any update.

The Aspose.Converter app parses file with a .json extension as a GeoJson format. Please ensure that the file provider encoded data in the GeoJson format.

We have excluded error reporting for many JSON files to avoid false errors.