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ComplexCodetextReader.TryDecodeMailmark2D not decoding any DataMatrixes

Hi, I’m trying to decode a simple Royal Mail data matrix from CodeText like this one:
"JGB 82156A1108ACDFCE30000150101010300922036 LO200137208GB8 BR XX111XXS " or this one:
“JGB 82142A1108924EFFF0000100100245160922009 KB903170547GB60 TN23JT GB XX111XXS”
The mailmarkResult is always null, my code is:

var reader2 = new BarCodeReader(file, DecodeType.AllSupportedTypes);
foreach (BarCodeResult result in reader2.ReadBarCodes())
// Decode Mailmark 2D
Mailmark2DCodetext mailmarkResult = ComplexCodetextReader.TryDecodeMailmark2D(result.CodeText);

Can you suggest what is wrong with this?

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