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Can you add in a browse feature to the HTML editor please

Dear aspose team I going to say the last following word to add to the HTML editor is a browse feature to your HTML editor that allows users to navigate and interact with browse feature built in the HTML editor like the feature on the web browser. Please and thank you from Kaine Dube.


Could you please share more details? If you can explain it with a screenshot?

So a browse feature is a tool that let’s you browse and navigate through a website a bit like a current web browser like google chrome or Microsoft edge or modzilla Firefox or opera web browser but I want it to be a headless browser like your HTML editor.


The free web app is basically a developed using backend Aspose.HTML API. You can download the source code here and amend it as per your needs. Please note that Aspose.HTML backend API is UI-agnostic.

But instead I have already saw your source code but I want to have the new HTML headless browser with the same look from the HTML editor for testing downloaded websites from the offline either with website downloader to be made new from scratch build using aspose.cloud and aspose.app power api please and thank you from Kaine Dube.


Like we said, the API is UI-Agnostic. We already shared a demo UI source code with you. You can amend it as per your needs.