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Aspose.Words Editor on premise developed app


we re already using Aspose for java to convert document to pdf.
We have a new need for our custom J2EE application : We would need to allow generated RTF document ( generated from a RTF template) to be edit in a browser by user before they are stored as PDF. One possibilities is to convert RTF to HTML with Aspose, edit HTML with a js editor ( like Tiny MCE) and then convert resulting html to PDF.
Another option would be to embedded an editor similar to the one available at https://products.aspose.com/words) Editor.

So my question is : is your cloud editor available to be embedded in an on premise app? ( App is on network without web access and we do not want to rewrite an editor with existing Aspose API , it would take too much effort to write and maintain)

Thanks for input


Your query is related to Aspose.Words App product. We are moving this thread to related forum where you will be guided appropriately.


If you are talking about this app. It uses Aspose.Words for .NET at its back-end.

Our all APIs are UI-Agnostic (totally back-end). Hence, you have to develop your own front end applications or implement them in your existing applications. If you have any query regarding back-end API it will be assisted here.