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Aspose.PDF editor issues

Hi Aspose,
I used your great pdf editor https://products.aspose.app/pdf/editor today for the first time. I thought I’d share a few comments / issues I faced:

  1. Dragging my pdf didn’t work, all it did was list the pdf in the white box and nothing else happened, I had to choose the file. After choosing the file it processed the pdf and displayed the pdf on the page with the tool bar across the top as expected. FYI I thought the App was broken - luckily I tried the “choose file” option.

  2. It would be great if the tool bar across the top could be frozen across the top, so that users don’t have to keep scrolling up every time (see #3 below as to why this was annoying)

  3. I had to fill out a pdf form with various text all over the document; I was switching between adding text and moving that text – it would be good if once you add the text and it displays on the document that you can move it without needing to switch into Drag Mode to do that.

  4. When I was finished and I exported the document back into pdf all of the added text was in a slightly different position to where I put it. In my case it wasn’t a big problem but it left my document looking a bit unprofessional and could potentially result in people ticking an unintended tick box.



Thank you for exploring Aspose.PDF web app and sharing your feedback. We successfully reproduced these issues at our end. Therefore, we’ve logged them in our internal issue tracking system. Your investigation ticket ID is PDFAPPS-2016. You’ll be notified in case of any update.