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APNG Image resize issue - stacked frames

It somehow stacks frames as shown in the following
apng.zip (658.9 KB)

Anyway I still appreciate the way aspose resizes apng using padding to avoid stretching or cropping images :slight_smile: good job!

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Glad to know that.
However, let us know if you face any issue.

Yup I did face an issue :sweat:
It stacked frames in my apng after resizing.
The problematic file was attached in my first post.


Both image files are identical. We cannot figure out where is the stack frame issue. Could you please share two different files:

  1. Source file
  2. Output file with clearly highlighted issue

We’ll appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

apng_example2.zip (388.8 KB)
Got it.:ok_hand:I’ve uploaded another group of images.
See the overlapped hearts? That should be the issue.
The last frame was extracted as two static .pngs from both of the source and the output so as to make a better comparison between them.