Unsupported characters of Cyrillic alphabet

after some tests of our documents in HTML format on your online converter (Convert Documents Online (aspose.app)) we found problem - unsupported characters of Cyrillic alphabet.
To this ticket attached the original document in HTML and PDF formats, screenshots of the display of the original files in Chrome and Acrobat Reader applications, and screenshots of converting result to MS Word. The characters of Cyrillic marked as 1.
Is it possible to fix this in the near future?

acrobat.png (69.7 KB)
word.png (60.5 KB)
chrome.png (44.4 KB)
document_be0b8447-7e24-4c84-bffa-72eb783f12b0.docx (8.7 KB)be0b8447-7e24-4c84-bffa-72eb783f12b0_856e531d-819c-441f-978b-82c528ba73f3.pdf (60.2 KB)
html_document_be0b8447-7e24-4c84-bffa-72eb783f12b0.zip (4.1 KB)


We are investigating this issue with ticket ID WORDSAPP-96. You’ll be notified as there’s any progress update.

Hi, any update on this?


This issue is still under investigation.